To develop talented human resources with
advanced expertise on Urban Life field

Master’s program of urban life studies is the advanced educational course to develop talented human resources for creating the “valuable urban life”, as well as one of active research core of excellence in “Tokyo City University for Researching the City”.

We are located in Tokyo City as a unique metropolis in the world, where is continuously producing so much various urban cultures and subcultures, where the old meets the new, where is the advantageous position for researching urban life studies. We are aiming at inspiring excellent analysis and cutting edge discovery in terms of urban life issues for next generation, by using youth fellow’s points of view, as well as foreign fellow’s points of view, by observing various urban life phenomena that are arising in Tokyo. Why don’t you join us?

With both two different skills that’s required to be a practical expert of urban issues, which are analytical skill of social science and creative skill of spatial design, we are preparing effective curriculum including six major lectures such as “Advanced Urban Business”, “Advanced Urban Planning”, “Advanced Urban Design”, “Advanced Architectural Design”, “Advanced Urban Project Management” and “Advanced Urban Systems”.

Theme of your master’s thesis will be broadly accepted so long as urban issues are concerned and of course your professor could be agreeable. So you should choose your professor prior to applying entrance examination. For more information, please see digital book by below URL/

Schedule of Entrance Exam

Schedule B application (late Aug.), exam (early Sep. in Tokyo), result (mid Sep.)
Schedule C application (mid Jan.), exam (mid Feb. in Tokyo), result (late Feb.)
(Our exam category is “General Examination” which is required EJU (below URL) in advance
Detail Info (Japanese)
EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission
Digital Book